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“Good health is not static. It represents a dynamic interaction requiring physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience.” Andrew Weil, M.D. There has got to be a better way of communicating with people! Screaming and yelling to get your point across; belittling others to make yourself feel better or build up your[...]
Meg’s mantra: Don’t run away from life, run towards what you love! If you are feeling frustrated in life, then take a moment and ask yourself one question: at this time, in this moment-are you doing what you love to do? Set aside a day, an hour or a moment[...]
“The limits and inhibitions of my past are gone. Each day is a new birth of my soul.  Each day is another step on the journey to a oneness with God.  I do not seek, I know. I do not strive, I am guided.” Uell S. Anderson Guide me- take[...]
Meg’s mantra: I move to the magical beat of the universe! I hear the soft and sweet tinkling of the chimes playing with the wind outside my window. Sounding off a delightful melody resting between gusts. The wind blows effortlessly against them as the music of life’s dance is orchestrated[...]
Meg’s mantra: cheers to the frickin weekend! I’ll drink to that — Rihanna We made it- all of us made it! It’s Friday and it’s a beautiful world—> Who’s ready? Choose one thing this weekend to spoil yourself! What’ll be? Sleep in? Go to the gym? Get a massage? Go[...]
Meg’s mantra: Ask, believe, receive what comes with faith and trust! I ask you all today to take on the role of healer! I believe that we are all here for a reason, healing this universe is one of those reasons! If you see someone who seems lost or is[...]
Meg’s mantra: keep in taking one small step in the right direction! In year’s past, I start out setting so many goals, so many intentions that I am sure to accomplish at least one.  At the end of the year or the beginning of the next, I happily do a[...]
Meg’s mantra: Remember you are a teacher and molding lives of those who are watching like it or not! While actions speak louder than words, profound words coupled with inspirational actions can be the equation for incredible and positive change in a world desperate for it. Teach and act well[...]
Meg’s mantra: What better time than now to SHINE! Perhaps today is the perfect day to wear your tiara and sparkle! Shine so bright that you leave a trail of glitter behind you. Be a good kind of selfish today (Denise Lane) and do the things that serve your highest[...]
Change is good, transformation even better! Day transforms to night, night to day. The cycle of life continues. It just does, bringing with it experiences that change us- sometimes joyful, sometimes painful- but we are changed nonetheless. A process of maturation that none of us will escape, nor should we.[...]

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