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Here’s to the fools who dream!
Concept. Dreaming is as important to the human spirit as breathing is to the human form. This is not a joke.  You need your dreams like you need air in your lungs. It is vital to your life source.  You can’t imagine spending your whole life holding your breath because[...]
Not my glass ceiling, poof it goes away!
What is this glass ceiling that you speak of? You know the one that you have spent centuries conjuring up so that a whole part of society feels kept in its place- to earn less, be less, speak less. I look up and see the sky through it, I see[...]
The Empowered Artist
What do you think about when you hear the term the “Empowered Artist”?   I think of the person who works on a daily basis to hone their skills at a particular task or occupation.  I see in my mind’s eye the creative ones who take time out of their busy day[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: Building Bridges, empowering love!
“If the problems (of today) are essentially anxiety, emptiness, loneliness, isolation, then the solutions can only be the linkage of individuals to wider worlds of emotional, intellectual, personal, community, and spiritual involvement.  An individual or society that is out of touch desperately needs bridges. . .” Clyde F. Crews, Ultimate[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: The Buck Stops Here!
“The real tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he still lives.”   Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) Who can take responsibility for your life and what you choose to do but you? Will you stay silent and close your eyes to what is happening or will you find your[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: If a life of magic and miracles is to mean something…
“Do they preach one thing and practice another, these men of God?” Roald Dahl Such is life. The trials and tribulations. The crossroads. These are the moments that make a life, perhaps a legacy. These are the moments that define the direction of your dreams. These are the moments that[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: What was your intention anyway?
“All that counts in life is intention.” Andrea Bocelli How did I think that I was guided through life? Drifting aimlessly or holding rigidly to a plan? Was it my intention to be conscious or not this past year? As I look back over my year of magical thinking, I[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking:  Hope is a tricky thing!
Hope is a tricky thing. Once you grab on to it and pray for a just result, when the outcome is not the one that you were looking for, disappointment and a grieving period begins.  You start to look around at the world a little differently. Bewilderment sets in as[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: Act as if it were impossible to fail!
“We all have beliefs anyway, why not make them beliefs in good, in the fine ends of man, in abundance, in health, in vigor, in integrity? Let us use the word faith to mean overcoming negative thought. . . Let us take up faith like a sword, and by using[...]
My Year of Magical Thinking: History has its eyes on us!
“It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness.” The Christopher’s At this point in time, it seems that the predominant energy out in the world is heavy. Many are exhausted by all the demands of life in general, coupled with the negativity that our so called “leaders” are[...]

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