Love the Butterflies & Bliss Trilogy? Leave a top review! The Magical Guide to Bliss, Sparkle & Shine, Butterfly Awakens.
MARCH- the month of Profound Wisdom with The Magical Guide to Bliss: It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it’s easy to do so by example. ~Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher Actions have always spoken louder than words. You can choose to be either a person who[...]
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll Who knows exactly where they are going anyway? No one person on Earth today was born with a road map that sets out precisely their exact destination.  Not one of us was given a[...]
What greater goal in life is there then to bring joy to others? What greater accomplishment at the end of a day knowing you possibly helped to allieve the pain of another? What better feeling to look around and see a beaming bright and beautiful smile reflecting your own?  Picture[...]
Meg’s mantra : gratitude is the foundation for a powerful and magical faith in all things good! Attitude of gratitude – what are you grateful for? Start this habit – ask, believe, receive with incredible gratitude! A grateful heart and mind continues to expect great things – that expectation becomes[...]
The Year of Magical Thinking- She Needed a Hero So She Became One!
Interestingly enough, the old battle cry “Someone save me!” no longer will work in this new paradigm that I have intentionally set out to create for myself.  This new year, this chapter of my journey towards self-discovery and continued transformation, starts from a place of accountability, accountability for my own[...]
Meg’s mantra: I move to the magical beat of the universe! I hear the soft and sweet tinkling of the chimes playing with the wind outside my window. Sounding off a delightful melody resting between gusts. The wind blows effortlessly against them as the music of life’s dance is orchestrated[...]
Be as you are!
What if everything that happened to you in your life was not a mistake? What if everything happened for your highest good? The great, the good, the bad and the ugly??? What if? All set out for you to learn the lessons in life that will take you and others[...]
How silly it sounds to me that we need to make time to dream- dreaming is as natural a state as breathing;  apparently I am currently challenged with both- that is ridiculous to me – yet my meditation tool tells me to inhale more deeply and release at the same[...]
Faith leads to renewed hope.
If you have faith, you have hope. If you have hope, you have everything. ~Unknown Sometimes believing in something you cannot see or explain is freedom. Sometimes believing in something bigger than you allows you to surrender to the mystery and joy readily available for your life today. It is[...]
Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder. ~Saint Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican friar, Roman Catholic saint, and philosopher          See it all through eyes of great wonder. Look for the colors that brighten your world. Listen for the music that lightens your soul. Feel for the first[...]

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