Fast Track to Bliss, 3-month 1:1 VIP Coaching

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“Transform to Bliss” 1:1 VIP Program – 3 month “Fast Track to Bliss”

Congratulations on making a decision that will impact your present and future! You have already laid the groundwork to catapult your life purpose and vision into reality. As far as finding a coach is concerned, what sets me apart from others is that I can help you think outside the box to figure out what you desire.  Then, we continue to create a map together.  Together, we can craft opportunities through innovation and following your intuition that will lead to following and realizing your dreams. It is my mission to inspire you to come alive to the beauty and possibility of your dreams.

This package includes: Twelve (12) 1:1 VIP Coaching 1-hr weekly sessions with follow up- you can email or text me whatever questions you have.

Once you execute the coaching agreement and upon receipt of payment, we begin. My coaching calls are set up on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

I am so excited that you will be ready to realize your dreams and truly manifest a life you want to live better than you can ever imagine. Our sessions will be one hour long each. Like I said this is about results. If you need to email, I am here for you. Let’s do this!!!

So here we go on this magical adventure together.

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