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Wake Up! How to Create a Better Story for a Happier Village.

From "It Takes a Village" Meg Nocero, a magical manifester, is a former federal immigration prosecutor, an inspirational speaker, a transformational coach, and the award-winning author. After she was brought on stage in Miami with Oprah Winfrey in 2014, she was inspired to manifest the life of her dreams and founded Butterflies & Bliss LLC and S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc., a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to young innovative
leaders in her community. She hosts her own You Tube channel and a podcast called Manifesting with Meg: Conversations with Extraordinary People. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


MISSION STATEMENT: I help frustrated Creatives (all professionals from Students, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and the like) to WAKE UP to their Life Purpose, Show Up to their potential and Engage with the Clarity and Focus on Realizing their Dreams to Follow their Bliss.


  • 5 part Follow Your Bliss - Realize Your Dream workshops helping to guide others to identify visuals that get them excited and match their passions.
  • Presentations to elementary, middle and high school on How to Identify Life Purpose
  • Presentation to American Immigration Law Association and the Attorney Wellness Groups on How To be Happier in Challenging Times
  • Presentation to Federal Law Training Center to immigration officers and agents How to Manage Stress and Live a Happier Life.
  • Presentation to federal attorneys on How to Find a Work-Life Balance.
  • Presented at job fairs and seminars on career aspirations and How to Navigate the Professional World Staying True to the Authentic Self.
  • Presentation to Miz CEO Conference How to Keep Your Priorities in Your B.A.G. (Belief, Align and Gratitude)
  • Presentation to the Florida International Business Association on How to Live a Conscious Life.
  • Presentation to Royal Caribbean’s Professional Women’s Employee Relation Group (ERG) called Network of Women (NOW) on mentoring, Want more bliss? Go from competing to collaborating and How Being a Person of Service Elevates Happiness.

My favorite part of speaking is how I can inspire and wake up others to where their inner light comes on and they are ready to shine! I know leaving my Federal job has already inspired many to take a leap of faith and courageously move forward to live the life they want rather than settle!


Since 2015, I have organize with Team S.H.I.N.E. a  yearly non-profit event called S.H.I.N.E. Networking

*2015-Claim Your Tiara at the Peacock Garden Café

*2016-Journey to Bliss

*2017 Creating Yourself the Life of Your Dreams

*2019- S.H.I.N.E. Love – Love is All We Need

*2020- S.H.I.N.E. Happy- Do More of What Makes You Happy!


*Books & Books, Coral Gables- La Dolce Vita-Transforming Dreams into Reality.

*On Pointe Book Fair in Tampa -Infinite Possibilities.

*Athleta, Miami- Mother’s Day Musings with Meg & Mari and The Magical Guide to Bliss


*HOW CAN THERE BE A GLASS CEILING WHEN THERE IS NO BOX? A symposium that will both empower and inspire you to identify your greatest desires, embrace your talents and confidently move in the direction of your dreams both in and out of the workplace!

*GET UNSTUCK-how healing wounds, managing extreme stress, and coming to terms with the past can help you to live unencumbered by the present and even more excited about the future!

*DON’T JUST SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, LIVE IT!- empowering women to speak their truth, stand strong through the struggles, never give up and collaborate through love.

*MANIFESTING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS: how awareness can lead to a fulfilling career, personal life and happiness living your most authentic life.


As an attorney and former federal prosecutor, I am very comfortable speaking in public. I have worked with individuals of all ages, races, creeds and orientations. I believe in confidentiality and the importance of starting the conversation so we all can recognize the beauty in this diverse world we live in. I speak 4 languages- the more opportunities to cross over to a whole new audience-fluent Spanish and Italian- proficient in French.

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Nocero writes with raw emotion. Her capacity to cope and creative ability to seek change (including writing this book) is so inspiring that it takes solid footing in the notion that our lives must not stop just because we lost someone dearly beloved. You need to move on, but you should always take the memory of those who touched your life with you. Read it and see if it’s just another one of those memoirs. I dare you.
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“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” Paulo Coelho Having worked with over 300 individuals, to set out both professional and personal goals, I am able to work successfully with a diverse group of people. I encourage you to do your research first and read about my story and background to determine if you would like an opportunity to connect. You will be very surprised at the outcome when you do.