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I have presented a 5 part Follow Your Bliss - Realize Your Dream workshop to approximately 50 individuals. I have conducted vision board workshops since 2006 helping to guide others to identify visuals that get them excited and match their passions. I was invited and presented to elementary and middle school teachers in 2015 on the topic of Follow Your Bliss-How to teach so that you inspire! I presented a Stephen Covey, the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People to over 100 trial attorneys with the federal government. I presented a seminar on How to Be Happier to over 300 law students. I presented at the Federal Law Training Center to immigration officers and agents How to Manage Stress and Live a Happier Life. I presented a Time Management Seminar inspired by David Allen to over 100 attorneys. I have been invited to lecture more than 30 times to job fairs and seminars to elementary, high school, college and law students on career aspirations and how to navigate the professional world so you stay true to your most authentic self.

My favorite part of all of this is when I can inspire and wake up others to where their inner light comes on and they are ready to shine! I know leaving my Federal job has already inspired many to take a leap of faith and courageously move forward to live the life they want rather than settle!

I was invited to the Florida International Business Association and presented on How to Live a Conscious Life. I was interviewed by Ismael Cala on television for CNN Espanol on my book The Magical Guide to Bliss in Spanish on my journey navigating through grief to hope and possibility. I was also interviewed for my book on the radio for Intrepid Media and A-Zen radio, discussing my journey and how I use the power of creativity to move me forward through intuition, innovation and synchronicity.

I presented at S.H.I.N.E. Networking in 2015 the topic Claim Your Tiara, in 2016 Journey to Bliss and in 2017 Creating Yourself the Life of Your Dreams.

I presented at Books & Books in 2016, La Dolce Vita-Transforming Dreams into Reality. I was interviewed by radio host Pete in Tampa about The Journey to Bliss- to talk about inspiring hope through grief. And I presented at the On Pointe Book Fair in Tampa about Possibilities.

I have conducted various seminars since 2006 to present under the heading Soul Talk for women who are curious and want to empower themselves through the struggles of life to live a more consciously. My you tube channel/podcast is called –Manifesting with Meg - conversations about manifesting your dreams!

I have presented on healing wounds, managing extreme stress, and coming to terms with the past so that you can live unencumbered by the present and even more excited about the future! I also lecture about how to empower women to speak their truth, stand strong through the struggles, never give up and collaborate through love.

I presented to a group called Sisters in Spirit a workshop on how to keep your eyes open for Something Wonderful and How Synchronicity is the roadmap on your journey.

Host of workshops and symposium called HOW CAN THERE BE A GLASS CEILING WHEN THERE IS NO BOX?

I have spoken to Royal Caribbean International’s Professional Women's group called Network of Women (NOW) on mentoring, Want more bliss? Go from competing to collaborating.

I was on the Podcast called Gurl What!?! talking about navigating through grief and paying it forward helping others who need it now. And I spoke on Edlyn Wellness podcast talking about the importance of clarifying your desires, believing in your potential and living from a place of the wish fulfilled. I spoke to a classroom of 18 year-old girls about my journey, how paying attention, believing in yourself and finding out what you love by doing what makes you come alive are the three vital tools to manifest an amazing life.

With my upcoming mantra book called The Sunrise of My Soul’s Bliss, I am planning a workshop in developing a mantra practice through the three stages of awareness - live/pay attention-laugh/be astonished- and love/share your story with the world!

I have gotten amazing feedback from every speaking engagement I have done! I have received special achievement performance awards from the federal government since 2000 for my work in these areas.

My most requested topics are Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams, navigating through grief to hope and possibilities, professional awareness and career direction, happiness "live, love, laugh", and living your most authentic life. I also have been asked to speak about empowering girls and women/enlightened boys and men to get past the blocks of life to the freedom of living it with no regrets.

As an attorney and former federal prosecutor, I am very comfortable speaking in public. As a matter of fact, everything up until this point in my life has prepared me for a successful career in inspirational speaking and writing. As an attorney, two skills that are extremely important for any argument are listening with intention and articulating clear and focused thoughts. Another is to make sure you engage your audience in a way that they will have them leave with new information that they can use to improve and empower their own lives. I have worked with individuals of all age, race, creed and orientation. I believe in inclusivity and the importance of starting the conversation so we all can recognize the beauty in this diverse world we live in. I speak 4 languages- the more opportunities to cross over to a whole new audience-fluent Spanish and Italian- proficient in French.

I have worked at all levels of my profession- in the courts, with the Department of Homeland Security management and administration in Washington D.C., with the various heads of our educational institutions (Universities undergrad and law schools) and with the private sector. I currently have my own company called Butterflies & Bliss, Inc., I am a published author, published attorney in an appellate case in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals, I run a non-profit called S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc. and am a Love Ambassador and advisor with Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Chris Martin of Coldplay's Love Button Global Movement. For it, I wrote the Teachers are the Future Initiative Proposal (T.A.F.I.), raised money through a fundraiser to provide funds for integrative health care for women facing a cancer diagnosis in memory of my mother, Mary Jo Nocero, and now am advising on The Spread the Love campaign - that will launch The Day of Love in February. I also am a part of a grass roots group called The PerSISTERS- a group that we organized to empower my group of women after the debacle of the 2016 presidential election. More women are speaking up and are more empowered than ever before.

In addition, I am a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) certified instructor for the Federal Government and am currently getting certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)and the International Professional Executive Coaching (IPEC) as a professional success coach.

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“Loved meeting Janet Wood, as well as meeting Lance Benson and meeting you Meg, made my day. I loved to see the next generations of kids involved.”
S.H.I.N.E. 2016
S.H.I.N.E. 2016 Attendee
“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” Paulo Coelho Having worked with over 300 individuals, to set out both professional and personal goals, I am able to work successfully with a diverse group of people. I encourage you to do your research first and read about my story and background to determine if you would like an opportunity to connect. You will be very surprised at the outcome when you do.