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Meg’s mantra: Look at your life through the lenses of love! Perspective is a beautiful thing because you can change how you see the world and your role in it in a matter of seconds. You cannot see beauty, if the lens you look through is covered with dust you[...]
Meg’s mantra: Magical moments each magical day. Magical work for magical pay. Don’t forget to breathe into each magical moment, we got this! 0
TimelineAboutFriends845Photos More Update Profile Picture Meg Nocero Timeline Recent Status Photo / Video Life Event Status Photo / Video Life Event News Feed Meg Nocero added 9 new photos to the album: iOS Photos. 24 mins · iOS · Give love project and MSC Divina Like · · Share Luisa[...]
Meg’s mantra: it you are feeling inspired, tap into that energy and just go for it! Don’t over think, inspired action rocks!!!! BTW No More mercury in Retrograde- communication is a lot clearer now- use what you learned and onward my friends!! this is default footer data 0
Meg’s mantra: “Today get out and celebrate. Time to remember how lucky you are, time to give praise to the highest of the holies.” From Pam Grout​ E3 This I love more than anything and is just what I needed to hear today as I get to experience the abundance[...]
Meg’s mantra: I make wonderful choices! When it comes down to it, life can either happen to me or I can happen to life. To me that means, I am the one who gets to make choices as I journey through. Of course, not all my choices are inspired ones,[...]
Meg’s mantra: I breathe in Love and peace and out anything that gets in the way!!! Breathe into this one! In-Love love love!!!!!! Out- yucky yucky yucky! In-Peace peace peace!! Out- blah blah blah-ahhhhhhh now that’s better!!! Happy Monday!!!!! this is default footer data 0
Meg’s mantra- today I’m pushing the reset button! Sometimes, like on your computer, the screen of your life freezes. Nothing moves- you are stuck. Your energy is low and your mind is all fuzzy. Then you see the button- push it and reset yourself- let your insides wind down doing[...]
Meg’s mantra- Everybody we need each other – wake up! Get this- we teach each other what love is! We embody what love is- who cares what creed, religion, politics, gender or color-we are blessings for each other ! When we wake up and look for what connects us and[...]
Meg’s mantra- you don’t need permission to believe in yourself!!! I hate the feeling that if I am my real authentic self then I will be rejected!!! Seeking approval for confirmation of self worth is a pattern that stops now. From a place of love, I do not need the[...]

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