Build joyful connections!

“If your guard is up, let it down. If you’ve constructed a defensive wall to protect yourself and keep all the bad guys out, don’t forget who that wall also prevents from getting in – the good guys.”

 Brendon Burchard


Instead of building a fortress to protect your heart and soul, let your guard down and open up to joy.  When there are times of great loss, hurt, or disappointment, perhaps your gut instinct is to contract and push away further vulnerability. While you may think that constructing a wall is a good option in the short term, it can prevent great things from coming into your life in the long. Risk by seeking out positive connections and you are well on your way to a beautiful life. If you are already too walled in, believe its not too late and start to find ways to climb out so that you can start to see the colorful world on the other side. Continue reading

Open your eyes, this remains a wonderful world!

“If we focus on the planet’s unending largesse, rather than on the marketers’ drumbeat limitation, on the bounteous gifts that spread out before us on every side rather than on TV commercials that suggest erectile dysfunction, depression, and sleeping problems, then we can rewrite the dominant paradigm.”
Pam Grout, E3

There is so much goodness in the world. It all depends on where you look. While certain factions of society like to point out what they believe is wrong, to live a life of joy, you must choose daily to focus on what is right. Where some see lack, you find the connectedness where abundance lies. Where some focus on evil tendencies, you seek to recognize the benevolence of humankind. Where some focus on what is missing, you decide to be grateful for everything you have and for the love in your life. You can look for the unending beauty that surrounds you. You can look for the magnificent vibrations from shared joyful moments. You can build wonderful memories.  And, you can be proud of your accomplishments or those of others that have made a difference all around.  While the world is filled with enough pessimists, you can be a part of the solution for a more enlightened universe by seizing optimism as your set point. With these kinds of magical choices, you can be a vital part of rewriting a new dominant paradigm. One that allows you to immerse yourself in the things that matter most with an attitude of gratitude. One where you can smile with open eyes as you really start to see the trees that are green and the sky that is blue. And in the words of Mr. Louis Armstrong,  you will think to yourself it has always been a wonderful world.


You are exactly where you are meant to be!

You are exactly where you are meant to be!

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Everything in your life is a blessing. There are no mistakes. Accept this mantra and you are free to see the world through grateful eyes. Accept this mantra and you are ready to accept life experiences with a loving heart. Accept this mantra and allow amazing grace to encapsulate you as your soul’s journey continues. There are no coincidences. Every experience is presented to you as an opportunity to bring something wonderful to your world. Each person who crosses your path delivers a message that will help you to understand the universe more fully. Each place you visit will help you to discover something that you most desperately seek. The joyful moments will teach you gratitude as you celebrate life. Even the challenging moments will teach you perseverance as you value the wisdom gained through hardship. Without judgment, in both the good and bad times, you will embrace the gifts each situation offers as perfect synchronicities present to guide you along your path. Any way you look at it, as long as you adopt a perspective that you are exactly where you are meant to be, you can find peace knowing that it all is a part of some grand design as the universe is unfolding exactly as it should for your highest good.


Making your dreams a reality!

“Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”

Napoleon Hill

Creative inspiration surrounds you on a daily basis.  It comes to you through nature, through your interactions with others, or through studying those who have gone before.  To take advantage of the inspiration and allow your creative genius to unfold, you need to set out a plan.  When you put pen to paper and capture the creative thought process as it is conceived, the path to discovery becomes crystal clear.  When you take the time to set out your heart’s greatest desires in a concrete way, you outline the necessary steps needed to get to where you want to go. Carry around a notebook to capture the ideas that come at you from out of the blue.  Write down on your hand inspirational concepts that get you excited to be alive.  Sketch ideas anywhere you can to take a snapshot of a scene from your imagination. Then, you have given form to something that was previously just a part of your dreams.  Then, you have taken the steps needed to go to the next level.  Get ready. These ideas will come to you when you are relaxed on a routine drive to work, are refreshed as you let the water wash over you in the shower or are enlightened during a guided meditation.  With something close by to jot down your inspirations, you will remember to memorialize these ideas to further review at a later time. Giving concrete form to what was once intangible, you become vital part of making these ideas become a beautiful new reality that will give you a lifetime of fulfillment and joy.


Enlighten up!

 “If you make a strong commitment to yourself, you make it clear that you will use all the courage it takes to live your truth.  You make it clear that you want to live in unity and in love and in joy that naturally follows all these things.”

 Barbel Mohr, The Cosmic Ordering Service

If you always give your energy away, you will be left depleted without the ability to recharge your batteries. While serving others brings with it great joy, if you do not take care of yourself, you will be left with nothing to give. One of the greatest acts of self-love is when you make a strong commitment to your true self. With this commitment, you choose to surround yourself with uplifting messages so that your spirit is nurtured. You choose to get enough rest so that your mind stays clear. You choose to get the proper nutrition and exercise so that your body can function efficiently. And you choose to honor your intuition so that you stay aligned with your purpose here on Earth. In a world where there are a lot of demands, it takes a lot of courage to make the choice to put your self first. While there are instances where sacrifice is a commendable virtue, in general, the martyr complex does not add to a life of unity, love and joy. By daily deciding to strongly commit to your own wellness, you make a conscious choice to strive to live a life in harmony with your surroundings. Only then will you be able to nurture your heart light on the inside, as the world watches you enlighten up on the outside.


Follow the cheerful ones!

“The cheerful live longest in years, and afterwards in our regards. Cheerfulness is the offshoot of goodness.”

Christian Nestell Bovee

Looking for a little cheer today, seek out those people who will bring a little more sunshine into your life. You will be amazed how being surrounded with positive people can make your life even more worth living. Ever notice how you feel when you are with a person who embodies a glass half full kind of attitude. When you are with them, you get an energy boost that can lift you up to believe in all kinds of possibilities. Your enthusiasm for life increases. And, your ability to embrace a world full of magic and miracles multiplies. When you are around people of good cheer, life just feels better. And after you leave their company, you may be more inclined to share a simple smile with a stranger. You may be more inclined to take in the beauty of your surroundings. You may be more inclined to stand up confidently, chest out, heart ready to experience love. Life certainly can be challenging at times, so if you can’t share a smile of your own, seek out those who can share one with you. Before long, the cheerfulness and optimism that is shared with you will encourage you to follow your own bliss and pass on the love. And in the end, you will always remember with gratitude the goodness that was shared and certainly be empowered to continue with this sentiment. For if the cheerful live longest in years, that is something that you can hope will be contagious for as long as you live!


Fly butterflies fly!

Mantra: Love is waiting for you all around!

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

Don’t let any one label you! Don’t let anyone box you in, for there is no box. Everything that holds you down is only an illusion anyway. You are a magnificent, creative soul just waiting to shine in so many different ways. Let your eyes gaze upon the beauty that surrounds you and allow it to nourish your spirit with love. It is then that you will realize that what you perceive as judgment from others is only a reflection of how you are treating yourself. With this in mind, pour love over your mirror of life and be kind to yourself, for then you will receive kindness in return. For if you want to be free and released from whatever cage you have imagined for yourself, it is all about love. It is a love so simple, so pure, and so completely effortless. When you allow that transformation to happen in your heart, you will experience more love everywhere you turn. Then, humbly let it come through you and set you free. Free to be whomever you are meant to be! Even if you are not ready to let go of your past story at this time, love will wait patiently for you always until you can handle its embrace once again. And, as you accept it little by little back into your life and gain strength, you will burst out of the cocoon of darkness into the light. with courage, you will spread your beautiful wings ready to take flight. And open your eyes again, what a majestic sight to see. The sky so colorful and bright as you set out to seize the new day, a new day of life to discover all the glory that is awaiting for you—Fly butterfly, fly!


Hold on to your dreams!

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

Paulo Coelho

 If you are a dreamer, there is always something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time. However, there are times in life when you feel like you are just floating along without direction wondering why your hopes and desires are at a standstill.  Perhaps, you are weighed down by past patterns just wishing to be released from their very determined grip.  Or your fears are taking a mental toll on your internal view of possibilities. When you are holding onto the stuff that does not serve you well, you need to stop and make a choice to consciously exchange your negative thoughts to for those that will allow for all the wonderful things that life has in store. You will feel the shift when you do. You need to have faith that when you receive love in your heart for the ability to dream, this energy will magnify out as you make your request to the universe. When you are stuck in an illusion that does not serve your highest good, allow yourself to let go one moment at a time knowing that everything is giving you clues that will help you solve the mysteries in life allowing you to move on to greater things. When you trust this, hold on to your dreams and take inspired action to see them through, know for sure that the universe will conspire in your favor.  And as you navigate your way through life’s journey, you will rejoice as signs appear as a testament to your belief that you are moving in the right direction.


The Magic of the Absolutely Ridiculous!

“No matter where you are camped, there are blessings and miracles nearby. . . Once you begin to use your laser superpowers for possibilities, miracles, and joy, you will suddenly find yourself on a whole new stage, accepting a whole new Oscar.”
Pam Grout

You have superpowers. While this may seem ridiculous to say, it is the truth if you believe it. The power that you have by virtue of the way you think is beyond amazing. You have the ability to alter a stressful situation by infusing love with a generous serving of laughter. It has been shown that you even have the power to change relationships by virtue of seeing the other person as a loving ally rather than an enemy. Yes, it’s true, you are an amazing you! It just may take a little imagination to get your head into the game of outrageous fun. But perhaps today is the day when you decide that you no longer want the struggle for it is time to play. Put on your tiara or your superhero cape and get ready to infuse a bit of silliness into your world. You will be more than surprised at the magic and miracles you will discover when you do. Your life is important so stop being so serious and grab that wand and set your zaniest wishes out into the universe. And if visualization is your thing, see yourself speaking words of glory as you parade across the stage of life to accept whatever prize you desire for adding to the blessings of possibility today. For wouldn’t you rather use your superpowers to discover the magic of the ridiculous rather than walk numb in the land of the boring? Once again, it’s your choice anyway!IMG_4485.JPG

Color your world magnificent!

 “When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock it . . . Kick that b#$@%h in, smile and introduce yourself.”

Dwayne Johnson


It’s time to go out and make your own opportunities.  It’s time to be the designer of your own life.  Take that canvas and paintbrush and splatter it with your imagination. Color it with magnificent purple to awaken insight.  Color it with robust red to enliven the passion in your soul.  Color it with peaceful blue to calm your spirit.  Or color it with anything that speaks to you. It doesn’t matter which you choose as long as you choose.  Life is happening all around you. Stop wasting precious time complaining and start creating something amazing. Go for it! Get outside and connect with nature, discover new adventures, or take your everyday routine and throw in the element of surprise.  Start to think differently if you want to see change happen. One day at a time, go out with your adventurous eyes and challenge yourself to see the world a little differently. Don’t forget to take your daring self with you and craft the kind of destiny you wish to see. It’s time to wake up to the wonderful that awaits you. Rise up and state confidently to the world that you are here ready for whatever it throws your way! Get ready to break down barriers and to receive all the abundance that is meant for you! Each and everyday brings with it new opportunities, forget about knocking, make an entrance, smile and introduce yourself. Remember when you take inspired action, something wonderful is always waiting on the other side. Get off your couch, do something amazing with your canvas by coloring your world magnificent.