Live your life on your terms!

Meg’s mantra: Always choose to live your life on your terms!
Yea that’s right- you get to choose! That’s right- what makes sense to you- do that! You look right into your gorgeous eyes in the mirror and hear what your soul most yearns for! Listen!!!!! Now is the time- pay attention- you know what you need to do – you know what you need/ scream it out- cry it out- but don’t your date give up! Life is too short not to be lived on your terms – no excuses! And by the way, you are most certainly allowed to have fun with it! Amen – no go do it!!!


Keep hope alive!

Meg’s mantra: Hope is a very powerful elixir! Keep hope alive-

Hope is at the center of my being. Hope to love better, to be loved. Hope to feel joy, hope to make a difference by bringing joy to another. Hope to awaken to purpose, hope to inspire others to do the same. I have been in the darkest of places where I lost hope – thank God angels, both earth and beyond, never left my side. Now, I know many who feel the same and I will never pass up an opportunity to pay hope forward, for there by the grace of God go I! There is no better time than today to reset refocus and renew hope for a better now and a better tomorrow. In this time of Lent, because the story of Jesus offers all of us great hope, I will do my best to remember the fragility of life and the miracles that can happen when hope is introduced once again! It’s quite a powerful elixir to alleviate pain and shine light on possibility! Hope is the desire or expectation that something wonderful is about to happen when you believe! Let all of us never give up on our desires to dream! Please won’t you help me and help others keep hope alive!! Hold On, Pain Ends-Time for this little light of mine to shine, I’m gonna let it SHINE! Join me!!!!

Turn your magic on!

Meg’s mantra: Turn your magic on- spread kindness and love!

Who says there is no magic in this world when I see proof of it everyday? Enchanting displays of kindness being passed along to awaken each spirit to the incredible potential that awaits. A magical dance that will begin a new romance with your life that has you feeling alive again. Each step inviting you to truly enjoy your life journey connecting with each magical soul along the way. Turn your magic on- what better day than today to spread kindness and love!





Let your inspiration be contagious!

Meg’s mantra: let your inspiration be contagious!All the world is ready to become a better place. I see it on a daily basis- too many people are awakening on a constant basis to nature, to joy, to love, to the consciousness of belief in something wonderful to ignore this fact! These are magical times–catch on to the inspiration and let your dreams take flight!!! It is time to arouse the desire of others to know this beautiful reality of magical wonder that you choose to embrace! Use your creative genius to help inspire others to this incredible belief of all things possible – let that good news spread! Have a wonderful day!!



Be a collector of smiles!

What greater goal in life is there then to bring joy to others? What greater accomplishment at the end of a day knowing you possibly helped to allieve the pain of another? What better feeling to look around and see a beaming bright and beautiful smile reflecting your own?  Picture it- a smile that brings peace, understanding and pure love delivered up just for you only because you decided to go out into the world and make it a more beautiful place.  If I live to 100 years old, it will never be the collection of material riches that I will cherish most, but the memories of each amazing smile attached to that incredible soul that will be the foundation of my something wonderful on a daily basis! If you decide to be a collector of smiles, you will know no greater sense of pride to share that collection with the world! Join me!?!



Gratitude and magical faith!

Meg’s mantra : gratitude is the foundation for a powerful and magical faith in all things good!

Attitude of gratitude – what are you grateful for? Start this habit – ask, believe, receive with incredible gratitude! A grateful heart and mind continues to expect great things – that expectation becomes faith in the unknown that increases as you recognize with thankful praise each blessing.
You can never be too grateful- over and over again – give thanks continuously because all things have contributed to your advancement- all things. When you shift your perspective to see life this way, life will continue to give you evidence of things not yet seen! Amazing things hoped for and already on their way


The Year of Magical Thinking- She Needed a Hero So She Became One!


Interestingly enough, the old battle cry “Someone save me!” no longer will work in this new paradigm that I have intentionally set out to create for myself.  This new year, this chapter of my journey towards self-discovery and continued transformation, starts from a place of accountability, accountability for my own personal choices in life.  It starts from a place of self love.  For so long, I rejected my own abilities for fear of failing in my eyes and the eyes of the world.  A paralyzing fear of failure that had me choosing a safe existence rather than one where I could meet excitement around every corner, that not only makes me feel alive but also filled with tremendous purpose. Hiding behind others, hiding in my own body, hiding for fear of appearing unacceptable as I set out for the approval of others!  Then the quicksand that is fear begins to overtake me. Slowly, inch by inch, each part of my body covered by the thickness of what I perceived to be my fate.  I believed that I needed a hero to whisk me away and save me.  However, as I realize possibility exists and see others modeling an example of manifesting an amazing destiny, I tired of waiting and the spark of awareness embraces my entire being and sparks creativity that takes over until I finally realized that saying yes to me, to my life, to my dreams over and over, I have become the hero that I have been looking for.    That empowerment sparked alights a beauty of spirit to be reborn as I make the changes that will allow me to start paying attention to the beautiful synchronicity that unfolds right before my eyes. The vibrant beauty of renewal takes over as I realize that I have become the hero that I have been looking for all my life.  Failure is no longer an option as the amnesia dissipates and I remember again that I was meant for great things- as are all of us!!! So be the hero on your journey on this beautiful Friday! Live like you want to live, love each and every person who crosses your path and laugh- yes laugh and let down the walls that no longer serve your path! So who is with me as we join all the amazing heroes out there and start a power posse whose talents together will change the world for the better! A world of pure bliss!



Let your heart speak louder!

Meg’s mantra: let my heart speak louder than my head!
Visualize this- your heart is the center of love- as it goes along to the steady beat of life it pumps joy throughout your body! This is the joy that nourishes your soul! This is the joy when shared can bring about magic and miracles. This is the joy that has you in awe of the reality you are experiencing! Thoughts are powerful things – when you allow love to speak louder and wash over any negative thought – there where you are broken – you let the light of love in- then your dreams start to take flight! It’s as simple as that! Let your heart speak beauty over your life and let it sing a beautiful song for all to hear!!!

Happy birthday to my husband Frank Simone – day 4 of love goes out to you!! I hope you have an amazing day experiencing something wonderful in each moment!


Magical mirror of life!


Meg’s mantra: loving myself fully is a part of loving God ! 
To really see my soul, I look into the mirror of life and soften at what is reflected back to me. Each exchange, a hug, a kindness, a smile, affirms a shared beauty – intermingling of incredible exchanges of thoughts through actions or words that confirm my beautiful vision of this world. And this can happen when I choose to think in a way that is worthy of me- worthy of God or your highest power. By impressing beautiful thoughts upon the substance all around you that make up this universe- I create what I choose to focus on- blessings really. My own personal magic and miracles. My own something wonderful. That is why loving myself is a part of God’s grand design- BC you can only receive what you believe about yourself- what you are worthy of. And if it is love, abundance, peace that you want, it all begins with me and you! 



Magical motivation!

Meg’s mantra: when you discover your passion, motivation to pursue it will follow!
There is a magical enthusiasm that develops when you discover what you are passionate about. Excitement develops from this curious joy that arises when you finally stumble upon a path that resonates with your spirit! When you know what builds a blissful feeling inside, will you readily dismiss what needs to be done to take you all the way? The answer must be no, for once something is a passion the motivation to see it through is there! Use this force to bring your dreams to life- constant attempts even through failure will have you experiencing what you have been called her to do in no time. And without fail, you will motivate others along for this magical ride!!

Happy February – it’s time for magical motivation! 




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