Allow the unexpected to happen!

“You have to take risks, we will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” 

Paulo Coelho

You have to take risks to truly know what life has in store for you. When you believe in your ability to shine, then a risk will take on a positive light.  If the next step to manifesting your destiny feels a little outside your comfort zone, then take a deep breath and go for it. You have a choice to widen your boundaries, to venture into unknown territory, or to stay safe on your couch always wishing that you had the guts to follow your calling. Your freedom of choice is a gift that was given to you to figure out what will serve you the best.  The choice can sometimes be easy and other times really challenging. Don’t shy away from challenges in life.  They are there so that you can see what you are made of. Therein lies the wonderful surprises that come from the unexpected. If you try to control your world, it will ultimately be a lesson in futility for you will never be open to the gifts that were not so obvious. Be proactive with what you can and take risks.  Believe in yourself and the potential that is in you and surrounds you.  Think outside the box and be innovative with your life and allow the miracles to come as you do your best, surrender to the outcome and embrace the unexpected.  When you do that be sure that the unexpected will be even better than anything you could ever imagine for yourself! For you are a warrior of the light, you have no time for fear.  You have only time for miracles from taking a leap of faith!


Magical Sychronicity!

Magical synchronicity!

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.” 

Charles de Lint

Have you ever had a moment where you experienced people and places that were so familiar you were sure you’ve met them or been there before?  When these moments occur, pay attention.  The person or place is there to teach you something about yourself that you would not learn otherwise.  It may be something or someone that you need to hear, see, taste, or know that will ignite the creative spark in you to lead you on a new creative journey.  You build your life based upon connections. It is in the awareness of the moments of synchronicity that can propel your life forward to heal and to expand your energetic field for love, creativity and joy.  That synchronistic meeting may be the missing link in figuring out your true calling here.  With this awareness, you no longer take the moments in time that you experience for granted. So if you have a connection today where you feel a message of love that you were praying for, don’t dismiss it as a random event.  More likely than not, it was a message of love that was destined just for you. How could you not just fall in love with magical synchronicity.


A World Beyond the Imagination!

A World beyond the imagination!

 “Fantasies are more than substitutes for unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, plans. All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.”

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

You have control over the places you can go with your imagination. You can conjure up wonderful possibilities that originate in your magical mind.  Your mind can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. It is ultimately your choice. If you want magical opportunities to come your way, go there in your mind and embrace a magnificent adventure and see it come to light. And if someone accuses you of living in a fantasy world as you go about manifesting your crazy, wonderful life, be grateful because it is recognition that you are on the right path. All the greatest innovations started in someone’s imagination. The next great discovery could be yours. Take a moment and visualize your greatest fantasies.   Allow yourself to see your world as a joyful experience free from fear and darkness. For through your mind, you can live the greatest dress rehearsal of your life.  Allow yourself to go with that amazing imagination of yours and figure out a way to see it through. Little by little, you can realize your own “Fantasy Land” come true.  The most creative and successful people started with a dream conjured up in their mind.  You too can begin to live from your happy place as it becomes an incredible world beyond the imagination.  Let your heart take flight through laughter, singing and dancing just knowing that your greatest potential is yet to be realized.  This is the most loving thing that you can do for yourself. Choose to make your mind a place of great solace especially in times of chaos and insecurity.  Rejoice in the power of your imagination!


The next magical step!

The next magical step!

 “Everything we need to learn is always there before us: we just have to look around us with respect and attention in order to discover where God is leading us and which step we should take next.”

Paulo Coelho

Trust the process and magic of life.  Challenge yourself and give up the idea that you have control over the circumstances that surround you. Therein lies the freedom to just be. By giving up the need to control life, you get a chance to be still and to trust that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. There are times in life where everything seems like it is out of control, but when you are in the midst of the chaos start releasing the reigns just a little. You will find that if you do this even just a little, a sense of peace may wash over you as you free yourself from the responsibility to “take care” of everything and know that you are always taken care of. It is in the silence you can truly see with your heart how loved you are. So during the crazy moments of life, take at least 5 minutes to stop and separate yourself from the multi-tasking and reflect in meditation. Don’t worry about the future and don’t concern yourself with the past, it is today that will give you just what you are looking for and everything is going to be all right. You cannot take care of others unless you take care of yourself. When you acknowledge that God or your higher power is always with you, you are free to be in the here and now. And, that is your next magical step in the right direction.


On the journey!

This is what I wrote in August of 2012- it is now December 2014 and I still continue down the same path, yet I see i have come so far. Maybe it will inspire you all to ask similar questions and focus a bit.  While I am still challenge by my fears and pain, I realize as my father has wisely quoted, pain is the price of being human and I am definitely physically human yet more in touch with my spiritual side! Always good to see from whence you came on the journey!

From: Nocero, Margaret E
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 1:28 PM
Subject: Getting clear!

I found myself telling a student of mine that before she can search for anything in her life she needs to get clear about it. She needs to identify what she does not want and switch the thought process to what she does. This is the advice I take prior to the manifesting meditation tonight and this is what you advise us to do for the end of the mentoring program.

When I was 16, I had a lot of faith in the journey and the adventure- I did not have a lot of fear. I was really excited to go to a foreign place to meet and live with people that I did not know- I just knew that it would be wonderful. I never doubted it at all. With the knowledge that I was somewhat watched over, I took advantage of the opportunity that was in front of me.

The 42 year old Meg had shrunken a bit and fear overcame me for quite some time- I have come to the realization that I am the same soul and the one who is watching over me is God and now my mom and other angels as well. What do I have to fear. I am the one who is limiting my journey by pulling back from my true self. I realize what a shame it would be for me and for my family and others if I let this happen and continued on this path. But this won”t be my reality any more.

The other thing that I remembered was the unconditional love that I felt and the non judgmental atmosphere I was in. When I was 16 years old, it was the first time that I actually felt special and that lifted my self confidence. It was certainly a coming of age story for me, I fell in love in Colombia with my first romance and I think I fell in love with the possibilities that life held for me.

At 42, for some reason , I thought that I had to buy into something else, that is not me and not in lie with my calling because that is what society dictates. That does not have to be the case for me. I am looking for guides now to help me as I don’t want to continue on alone, but they will come and probably are already here whispering in my ears- or as obvious as messages clearly received. But they are there to help me continue on my path. This includes you and the miraculous way I met you and have gotten to know you.

I have been fearful for so long of illness, because maybe I am not living my purpose and don’t want to lose the opportunity to do so because I will just die or be incapacitates, but I have come to realize that I am the only one who is stopping me from growing and discovering myself. This is the lesson that tinnitus has shown me and that grief has shown me. I needed a lot of help because I was not strong when I lost my mom and saw what illness can do to a person and their body and I needed a lot of help to stand up again. Now, I feel like I do have control over my choices and the way that I think and the way I process my fears. So I can stand on my own- and the help I receive will be holding my hand rather than holding me up.

So as I was thinking about what I want to manifest in my life, I feel like I am not running away from something, but running towards something really wonderful in my life. I am a writer and need to write. I see it clearly – I see the screenplay that comes from my stories. I also see myself meeting people who will help me to effortlessly make a living doing what I love and that is sharing my life story to help awaken others. I am so lucky to have found people like you, Dr. Shaw, Simone and many others to help me on my path. It feels like cocreating rather than leaning on others to do the work that I can do best. It feels good to have many people mentor me and I get to mentor others- that is the cocreation at work and I love it. Where I am strong , I get to teach and where I am weak I get to learn. But it is a mutual connective process and it is exciting.

I am releasing extra weight on my body and adopting a healthy and reasonable lifestyle. I no longer am afraid of being a beautiful person inside and out. I am embracing what God has given me in my physical existence and my spiritual experience. The whole thing and honor that. I am releasing my fears and moving forward into my fabulousness. I hope to being many with me. I hope to know through refining my intuition who better to trust and who better to avoid – detach with love. I want to honor my truths and not act one way with one group of people and another with others-

I will do my best as I am not perfect. I pray that life gives me positive opportunities to see my purpose come to light. The biggest challenge after losing someone so important to you- I feel like a dark cloud is following me and that when I get excited about something, the darkness will overtake it because of what happened- I guess I have been on guard for something bad to happen even when I am experiencing something wonderful. I am ready to let this go and know in my heart that I need to embrace all the good that comes to me and not to minimize it by expecting the worst. That has not been my life experience up until when I lost my mom and that will not be my life experience as I move forward. I have always considered myself to be an incredibly lucky person and this does not change because my mom’s physical journey has ended. As Einstein said “ there are two ways of looking at life, as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.” As long as I am here breathing on this earth, I will choose to look as if everything is a miracle and they will continue to follow.

Hurdles- repetition of past habits- thinking the worst or falling into a rut again where the feeling of being stuck permeates me. Surrounding myself with people who are not uplifting dn who are negative. Being too negative myself, because I do not see the results of my hard work. Wondering why I am in the same job still- wondering why I am not doing full time the thing that I am meant to do here and getting paid for it.

Patience- I need more patience. I need to recognize that I have accomplished so much and have come so far and give myself the credit and recognition and see my own special value and worth and not be governed by others opinions.

I am seeking a lot of spiritual guidance- I have opened myself up to meditation and I am getting there more and more. I am open to so much more. I even had a house balancing the other day.

1. I am learning my personal boundaries- what I will and won’t tolerate. Negativity or defeatist behavior – that is a habit that I have had that I am in the process of changing more and more. So I try not to surround myself with people who are like that- I am more willing to speak my truth without fear of repercussions as well. Also I am being more and more accountable of the words that come out of my mouth and let my actions speak louder than words.

2. I need to change my personal habits one day at a time and be kind to myself so that I can be kind to others- it all starts with me and the God within and I know little by little I am getting somewhere if I always come back to that.

3. Honoring myself means to honor my purpose and take the time to take care of myself no matter what. Honor my body temple, honor my relationships with myself and others and really get to a place of love. It all needs to start from a place of love not fear of losing but love yourself to allow the abundance to come into your life.
My mission statement:
I am healthy, happy, loved and beautiful. By choosing to listen to my inner guidance, I am peace. By choosing acceptance, I am love. By choosing new habits and by releasing, I find freedom. I allow a life of love and abundance, made up of satisfying relationships to all that surrounds me. I am true to myself and listen to my calling. I am a great listener and communicator. Let my life serve as a gift of gratitude to God for all the blessings bestowed upon me. I am blessed.

What do I want to manifest?

A life of love, peace and abundance. I want to continue to live in paradise on earth, spiritually and physically. I want to live a life of awareness of the beauty in this world- with myself, people, animals, nature. I want to continue to heal my life so that I can help others heal theirs.

I really feel called to write- I have been inspired to write two books. I feel called to be in communion with other thinkers like me, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience my way so that I can continue to grow and evolve. I feel called to be in loving relationships with my family and with my friends. I see myself meeting new people who look like me and are on a similar spiritual path like me. Open minded and non judgmental. Willing to learn from the universe all it has to teach. Not restrained to a dogma but open philosophy of love and kindness.

I will be a speaker, not sure if it will be on a national or international stage- or just in the confines of my home. I felt most alive speaking and sharing my story. I will have a screenplay produced. I see this. I see myself meeting many very interesting and very smart intuitive people on my way. I see very enlightened people in my life who will act as guides and mentors and I will be able to trust them because I follow my intuition well. In turn – as I continue to learn I see myself also helping others who may never have been exposed to this way of thinking. I find that I am embraced with love. I feel like this is the effortless path that I will follow and the joy is in the journey as I begin to discover it and become enthusiastic by all the people that I get to meet.

I will know when it is time to make changes. I will know because it will be effortless and I will not be afraid- it will be the next logical step and I get to have the honor and privilege of raising my beautiful children as I go to teach them all I know so that they can have a beautiful impact in this world.

I am no longer going to move forward on a journey of isolation as I have this past year. I am beginning to open up to walking it with others again. I am so excited about who will in fact join me or who I will choose to join.

While I know my life is not about gimmicks, I trust the smallest token of love I give out because I risk and am vulnerable will find an impact further than the eyes can see- I have never been one to believe that I have gotten to where I am now alone. It has been an achievement touched by many. It is now time for me to take flight and come to the edge and jump with the faith that all will be well. It is time for me and I am excited about it. I want my life to be a beautiful work where I get to manifest my passions and it does not feel like a toil but a blissful experience. So as I go and am being proactive , I trust my instinct to guide me.

God bless and sending you love and gratitude.



You are blessed, behave yourself and never mind the rest!

You are blessed, behave yourself and never mind the rest!

“Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.”

Beatrix Potter

 Believe in the magic and the mystery that will conspire in your favor to bring all things good to your life. Even when things look bleak, something greater than it seems is going on. Trust! This can be so simple a concept, yet so difficult when fear overtakes you. When this is your creed, it is freeing, it is loving, and it most of all will guide you to a place of bliss. While it may seem like whatever you are experiencing is the end of the world, know that as long as you are living and breathing there is great hope to know the great power or energy that surrounds us all. You are blessed to be aware of the synchronicities as they present themselves. Your angels will appear for you. When you need that special person the most, the universe will conspire to bring you both together. When you need a boost of love, you will get it from perhaps a surprising source. These are the events in life that infuse light into a place that was otherwise painful. These are the events that will remind you that you are never alone. So look around today in awareness of the goodness, behave yourself and never mind the rest. It is time to do your best to employ 100% of your faith in the great power that is silently working all things for good. Take care of yourself and wait for it. For even in your darkest moments, simplicity in faith will set you free. You have no time to waste on the rest!


Something amazing to believe in!

“Believe in your dreams.  Believe in today. Believe that you are loved. Believe that you make a difference. Believe that we can build a better world.  Believe when others might not.  Believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Believe that you may be that light for someone else.  Believe that the best is yet to be.  Believe in yourself.  I believe in you.”

Kobi Yamada

May your wishes come true and may you experience the magic and miracles of this beautiful time of year. It is a time of hope for greater peace, unconditional love and abundant joy. Where you are able to find everyone a little bit nicer, where it seems like people smile more, and where sadness is tempered by the expansion of your soul as it connects to others you pass along the way. Perhaps this time of year is a little colder externally, so that you start to look for ways to warm yourself internally.   Perhaps you are more willing to reach out to somehow share yourself so that you can embark on a journey that frees your spirit. There is great promise at this time of year for so begins the season of believing. With believing in all that you are meant to be and all that you are meant to do, you will find more people who will join you on your amazing endeavor. For if you believe in all that you are capable of and that you are here to make a difference, with your guardian angels close by, this can truly be a season that begins with more peace on Earth and good will towards human kind. And this in turn, is something amazing that you really want to believe in.


Look upon life with great wonder!

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

Audrey Hepburn

When you look at life as synchronistic, meaningful, and happening for a reason, you can stand in awe, admiration and with respect to the beauty that each day holds. While you may one moment be crying tears of deep sorrow, you will also have moments drenched in laughter. There is a strength that lies at your core; some days it is hidden and you could drown in a puddle of your tears and other days you feel invincible. The great pendulum of life keeps moving side to side, hoping to settle in the middle where peace, happiness and joy reside. And after swinging back from a good cry, you will wake up in the morning to face another day, grateful because you know that good things are on the way and grateful because you get to believe again in the magic of rainbows, unicorns, and fantastical things. As you smile to yourself at the seemingly random events that cross your path, shift to this state of wonderment where you can fully appreciate the beauty that is offered in so many different ways. And choose to believe in people who are kind, choose to believe in ideas that lead you to a more authentic life and choose to rejoice in important things like the color pink! Most importantly, choose to believe in awe-inspiring miracles again for the journey is more magical than you even know!


Blessed by the miracles in each moment!

“Focus on positive things, then positive things will be attracted into your life- Breathe positive, think positive, be positive!” Anonymous

How wonderful it is to be a believer in the power of positive thinking. How empowering it is to experience the energy behind this approach to life. However, just by practicing a positive mindset does not mean that you are shielded from the trials and tribulations in life. It just means that with this mindset, you can establish habits that make you mentally stronger for those hard times when they come. To be positive just means that in the hardship as long as you persevere, you will find beauty along the way and there you can discover your miracles. For you live in a world where you cannot expect to escape the realities of the human experience, nor would you want to. That would mean missing out on the moments of joy and happiness that can come from times of pain and suffering. When you take a positive approach, instead of feeling broken and destroyed when you hit the proverbial bottom, you can find the opportunity to be broken open, like a rosebud as it is ready to burst open with all of its beauty. To think positive, you can buy into the belief that this universe is conspiring in your favor to continue to encourage your greatness. When you are empowered this way, then you are sure to attract people who believe the same. In the good times and bad, it seems like good advice to just be and breath positive, think positive and be positive! There you can be blessed with the miracle of each moment no matter what it is!


Your gifts lie in the present!

Your gifts lie in the present!

“Be present – it is the only moment that matters.”

Dan Millman 

 There appears to be a lot of uncertainty in the world today.  With this uncertainty, you have a choice to travel down one of two roads: one that can lead to fear, stress and worry and the other that can guide you to your greatest gift, the present. If you choose the present moment, then by all means open up this gift for it is filled with so many wonderful possibilities. Open up this gift, it is filled with magic and miracles.  Open up this gift, stay in the moment and experience a great enthusiasm as you share in the company of your family and friends. Remember, when you take the road that guides you to your present, you will experience the connections that will strengthen you. If you choose the other path, it could be a very lonely place. Your life is filled with wonderful, magical synchronistic moments in time.  Be not afraid. You and everyone you meet are here on purpose, for a great purpose. Today, when you are moving through your world, be sure to look around you and make the most of the gifts that the present has to offer to care for you.  If you get stuck in worry, be kind to yourself and you will still find the beauty.  A beauty that will sustain you and ordain you to your higher calling with a belief that there is so much more than meets the eye. Your present comes to you from a heavenly place, how lucky are you. For when you unwrap the beautiful gifts of the present moment now with great zeal, the light from above will shine upon you and there you shall know peace.